Miracle Stories - Volume 2

Written on 04/10/2018
Steve Finical

The Power of Testimony

At a Wednesday night men’s group at Canal Fulton Christian Fellowship we were watching a video in which the speaker was talking about the power of giving testimony about what God has done. The speaker described an occasion when he was in a service and told the congregation how God had healed a girl with club feet. He said there was a man in the meeting who had a congenital hip deformity and one foot pointed ninety degrees to the side. When the man with the bad hip heard the testimony about how God healed the girl with club feet, his foot was suddenly healed and pointed forward in normal fashion.

After watching the video, one of the guys in the men’s group realized that he had no more pain in his hip, a joint which had been causing him pain for the last eight months. He decided that the pain must have disappeared while he was listening to the testimony on the video. The next Sunday he gave a testimony about how God had healed him.

Healed of Blood Clots

A member of CFCF recently had back surgery and was recovering at home. He began to have severe pain in his chest and went to the emergency room. Doctors suspected he had one or more blood clots, especially since this had been a problem in the past. An ultrasound showed the presence of a clot in the knee and doctors were concerned that there might be other clots in the heart and lungs because of the pain. The pastors went to the hospital and prayed for him, that the clots would dissolve. Doctors said that he would have to stay in the hospital for ten days because he had to be carefully monitored for clots and because it was too soon after the back surgery to take blood thinners. Further tests the next day did not locate any clots. The following day doctors said he was so improved that they sent him home saying there was no need to monitor him further. There was much rejoicing about this unexpected outcome!

The Love of Jesus

At the close of a recent conference, opportunity was given for participants to receive prayer. A woman indicated that she would like prayer for her shoulders. She said three surgeries had resulted in no improvement. When asked about her degree of flexibility, she demonstrated that she could not raise her left hand above her shoulder. She commented that her right shoulder had even less function.

After several minutes of prayer, she was invited to test her left arm to see if there was improvement. She slowly lifted her left hand to shoulder height, realized there was no resistance, and raised her right hand straight overhead. The surprise on her face was priceless. Next, she shot her right hand straight overhead and looked like she was signaling a touchdown. She leaned close and whispered that she had found it difficult to believe for healing since she felt underserving. We had a good conversation about how healing is rooted in the love of Jesus, and not in our own merit.