Miracles Stories - Volume 1

Written on 02/07/2018
Steve Finical

One Man's Series of Healings

October - I awoke with a tremendous backache due to moving heavy items into our new garage. The pain was so bad that I intended to be prayed for after the service. Just before the service ended, I left to use the bathroom. While in the restroom, I suddenly became aware that all my back pain was gone. I stretched it in numerous ways without any pain at all.

November - For 2-3 weeks I had a rapidly growing lump on my neck, just under my right ear. At First, I thought it was a swollen gland, but it kept increasing in size and was quite painful. Researching it on the computer, it fit the description of a cancerous growth. After the service on November 12 I asked for prayer. The pastors and another brother prayed for me. As they were praying, it felt as if the growth was stopping and the lump was beginning to shrink. Over the next week its size diminished significantly. The next week the brother asked me how th lump was doing. When I reported it had stopped growing and was beginning to shrink, Pastor Doug prayed over me again. Over the next week, the lump disappeared completely. Praise the Lord!

December - Over the course of the past 3 years, I have had periodic episodes of leg cramps. My granddaughter has repeatedly prayed for me when this happens and each time the cramping ceases immediately. This day I had a cramp in bed and she spoke what appeared to be gibberish. The cramping stopped right away. When I asked her why she didn’t pray in English, she said, “Papa, God understands other languages, too!” Apparently, she spoke in tongues as she prayed. The result was the same—instant healing. Praise the Lord!!

Word of Knowledge

A group from CFCF was doing a chapel service at a local drug and alcohol rehab facility. As the service closed, I was aware that God was wanting to touch an individual and I said, “”Ten years ago you were injured in a motorcycle accident and God wants to heal your back.” I took this to be a word of knowledge. I did not know anyone in the room who had had such an experience. A young man came forward and told me that, ten years previously, he had been unloading his dirt bike from the bed of a pickup and he fell backward with the bike on top of him. He had suffered back pain ever since. Two CFCF men joined me in praying for him. As we prayed the injured man said it felt like ice was going down his spine. When we finished praying, he was surprised and pleased that the pain was gone.

Giving and Healing

I was at Panera working on a sermon when a lady approached me and asked me if I was Mr. Minne. She said that she wanted to thank me because last year her family was in a bad place and CFCF gave them $200. She wanted to thank me and my church for ministering to her. As we were talking I noticed that she was holding her arm in an unnatural way so I asked her what happened to her arm. She said that she had recently broken her arm in a fall and had been off work for about a month. She said that she usually kept her arm in a sling. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to pray for her, so I asked if I could pray for her arm, and she said yes. She came and stood next to me and I put my hands on her arm and began to pray. About midway through the prayer, she kind of jerked away, but I continued to pray. When I was finished, she said that as I was praying she felt this heat sensation go through her body and it caused her to jerk. She said that she knew it was the Holy Spirit and that her arm felt better.

Delivered From Anxiety

God is amazing! I feel that I need to share this as I know there’s others out there with similar issues.

I have suffered from PMDD for years. Meds help but it’s still there. A few years ago I started having anxiety attacks too. I may have had them before but it wasn’t till a few years ago that I realized what they were after a very bad one. Anxiety can be debilitating! There were many situations that would set it off at varying degrees. A couple weeks ago we were headed to a friend’s house and I almost told Adam to take me back home because I was having an attack that was really affecting me. That Sunday one of our pastors prayed for everyone that suffers from anxiety. While we prayed I felt a sensation that I can only describe as warm and tingly, but also felt a sense of relaxation.

Since that Sunday I have been in a number of situations that normally set me into an anxiety attack. But I have not had a single one! Praise God! Nothing, nada, zilch! It’s been two weeks with a handful of situations that shoud’ve set one off, but! I’ve felt peace the whole time! I continue to thank God for this and pray that it will not take hold of me again, that I am rid of it because He’s heal me.

God answers prayers! It may not be in your timing, but it is in His. Do not give up! Do not stop praying! God works in mysterious ways—I’ve heard that all growing up and it is true! When He closes a door, it does not mean NO. It means there’s a better thing coming. He’s got something better for you.

Angelic Visit

When I first came to Christ I remember so clearly being in church on a Wednesday night as my pastor was preaching a message on spiritual warfare. I can remember thinking, “What is he talking about?” In God’s grace this babe in Christ had been spared that experience. But now as I have followed Jesus for almost 49 years, the enemy has engaged my mind and my soul in battle.

Recently the attack has been clearly to drive me to despair through darts of doubt and lies about the character of my Lord. One night, in bed, my mind was being overcome and I cried out to my Father, “Please help, I am about to go under! Fear and despair are gripping my soul!” I fell asleep.

The next morning my husband had a doctor’s appointment and was up early sitting on the edge of the bed. I woke suddenly and there in the corner of the bedroom was an angel. He was very tall, taller than the ceiling. He was dressed in a white robe with a red sash. He had dark medium-length hair, somewhat curly. His wings were large and folded back. He simply smiled at me. He did not speak a word, but smiled with strong dark eyes. I quickly looked to my husband, but I could tell he saw nothing. When I glanced back, the angel was gone! I basked in the wonder of it all, but I had great peace that it was a message from my Father saying, “You are not in the battle alone!” Hebrews 1:7 and 1:14 explain that angels are God’s ministering creations to His saints. But we are not to seek angels or experiences for Jesus Christ is our only Lord and King. Hebrews 1:1-4 makes it clear Jesus is our greatest gift, above all else.

Unusual Peace

It all began on a Sunday morning with a conversation with my five year old granddaughter as we got ready for church. Pointing to my quilt wall hanging, she asked, “What does that say, Nana?” I read it to her: “Let not your heart be troubled.”I told her, “Jesus said we aren’t to worry.” She said, “I don’t worry!” I was thinking, “Wow, I sure wish I didn’t worry.” God was using that simple conversation to grab my attention for the morning’s message at church.

We went to church. Pastor Shane gave his testimony about being oppressed with anxiety recently and told how God took that away after he wrestled with God about it, then fell asleep. When he woke up the anxiety was gone. He said it was the first time in his life where had experienced major anxiety. He then asked anyone who was burdened with anxiety and would like prayer to raise their hand; God gave me the courage to lift my hand. There was no immediate change, but all through the next week I realized I had not vomited. Prior to this Sunday, I had been experiencing stomach discomfort and had been throwing up an average of two to three times a week for the past six weeks. My husband and I felt it was due to stress/worry/anxiety.

In the service the next Sunday Pastor asked if there was anyone who felt plugged up, like the flow of the Spirit of God was being held back from flowing freely in your life. He said to come after the service and have Pastor Shane pray with you. Holy Spirit was speaking tome to go, so I went up for prayer. He didn’t ask me a bunch of questions; he just began praying for me. It was exactly what I needed. I remember him specifically asking God to release His peace to me that I might have His peace now—today! Tears flowed and I agreed with everything he was asking for me.

When I awoke the next morning, I felt an unusual PEACE—His presence. I began just talking with Him about the upcoming events of the day and He gave me the assurance that He would be there at every turn. I felt His peace and presence throughout the day and was filled with such joy! I wish I could say the worry is completely gone, but it isn’t. But He is helping me turn to Him when I do begin to worry and ask for His help in it. I can say it’s been three weeks and my stomach problem is gone! No vomiting! Praising the Lord for this!